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Never pay for a tampon or sanitary towel again!

Switch to our reusable menstrual cup for 10 years period protection.

ONLY  £8.99! 


What our users say

Overview: I had never used a cup before, it was something id thought about for a while however the price always put me off. When I discovered Nat and her business i first of all couldn’t believe the price in comparison to competitors, £8 is a bargain - especially when a box of tampons is half the price and disposable! I dread to think how much people spend per year on sanitary products! 

Postage: The postage was super quick and discreet. The cup comes in it’s own bag with “how to guide” which is great. 

Quality: The quality is great, I originally went for a large as I thought this would be the correct size due to my age. The size didn’t work for me, I struggled to get it to open and it was hard to get in and out. I gave Nat a message on Instagram and she was fab. She recommend the small - gave me tips to make it comfortable, and made me feel at ease. The cup is great, it’s changed the whole period experience for me. I no longer worry about leaks or strings hanging out. It’s discreet, easy to use and best of all helps to eliminate the plastic waste created by sanitary products!

Thanks Nat you’ve been great 

Would I recommend: YES

Out of 5: 10!!

Emily, 28, Cardiff

I’ve used a menstrual cup in the past from a different brand and I didn’t get on with it, the cup was hard and very rigid. So I went back to sanitary towels. I was very disappointed, and thought it’s my body/vagina shape that’s why I couldn’t use a cup. Then I found Naturally Adapted through Instagram, and I was surprised how reasonably priced their cups are. The one I tried in the past was double that price! I messaged Naturally Adapted with lots of concerns and questions about the cup and my previous experience. They were extremely helpful and gave me lots of tips and advice on how to use the cup. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised how soft and flexible the cup was. It takes a few attempts to use, but once you’ve practiced a few times it’s amazing. It’s comfortable once inside and I love that you don’t have to change it til bedtime. Thank you so much for all your help and advice. Period days are no longer an issue anymore thanks to the cup.

Davina, 35, Worcestershire

I was really nervous about using a menstrual cup, but decided to try one because I'm trying to reduce my plastic waste. I am so happy I did! It's easy to get the hang of and so much more practical than a tampon. Would definitely recommend.

Lucy, 19, Reading

My cup arrived within two days of ordering. I'm so pleased with the quick delivery because I wanted to use my cup for my next period. I've tried it and I love it. I'm so surprised by how hygienic it feels compared to a sanitary towel. It's just so much better and the price is the best I've found.

Sophie, 23, Leeds

I was expecting it to be so big and rigid but it really isn't (I ordered a small). Naturally Adapted's friendliness really put me at ease when I asked a few questions before buying. I haven't used it yet but I have never been so excited for my period before! I can't wait to try it.

Sam, 28, Manchester

I found my cup via naturally adapted on Instagram. The cup was very efficient, and I found no leakage at all. I will definitely not be returning to tampons! I also find the Instagram account to be very informative. 

Bethany, UK

I've tried a menstrual cup before, it was much more expensive and the silicone was very rigid and uncomfortable. When I saw the price of the one by Naturally Adapted, I enquired for more information about the shape and material. It arrived within a couple of days and I couldn't be happier! The silicone is much more soft and flexible leaving no discomfort. Thank you so much!

Tara, 24, Warwickshire

Even though it’s a small business, it’s extremely affordable. They were very helpful with all my questions as this is the first time I’ve ever used a menstrual cup. I will never go back to other period products now. It’s so simple and comfortable. THANK YOU NATURALLY ADAPTED! You’ve changed my life for £8.99

Katie, 21, Hinckley




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