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Can I use a menstrual cup if I have had toxic shock in the past?

We have done a lot of research on this, because the safety of our customers is paramount. If you have had toxic shock in the past, we advise you do not use a menstrual cup. If you still wish to try one, please consult your doctor first.


What size should I buy?

Small  Large
Light Flow X
Heavy Flow X
Given Birth Vaginally X
Not Given Birth Vaginally X
Under 30 X
Over 30 X


What are the dimensions?

Small: Cup Length: 5.5cm, Diameter: 4.4cm, Stem: 1.5cm

Large: Cup Length: 5.5cm, Diameter: 4.7cm, Stem: 2cm

I've received mine, but it looks so big!

If you are a first time user, a menstrual cup can look quite large when it arrives. Because they can hold around 25ml of liquid, they should be about the size of a shot glass. By finding the right fold to suit you, and as long as you place it far enough in, it should feel comfortable and natural. 


I've heard they're safe to wear during sex, is that true?

No. Our reusable menstrual cups should be removed before sex. Some disposable cups on the market are suitable to remain in during sex however this isn't the case with most reusable cups.  


I've bought the wrong size, what do I do?

If you feel you have ordered the wrong size, please email us before we dispatch the item and we will send you another size cup instead. If you have any queries about which size to buy, please see our size guide above.

Unfortunately, because we sell intimate products, we are unable to offer refunds once the purchase has been shipped. 

If you have any other enquiries about this or any other matter related to your purchase, please feel free to email us at and we will try to accommodate your needs.


You said it's eco-friendly, but the cup comes in a plastic packet!

This is true, all our menstrual cups come in a plastic wrapping because it ensures they remain sterile and safe to use when you receive it. However, the positive is, once you start using your menstrual cup, you wont need to use any other plastic, or single use period products again!

We have done everything we can to ensure that the plastic sterilisation packet is the only piece of plastic in your menstrual cup order. The drawstring bag, postal box and "care for" card are all made from reusable/recyclable products. 


Why do you only sell menstrual cups?

We believe in affordable eco-friendly periods for all. Currently we only sell menstrual cups, however we are always looking for new ways to provide affordable, reusable period products to our customers and hope to diversify our product range very soon. Sign up to our newsletter for any news about upcoming products, sales and our business growth.


How come your cups are so cheap?

Most of our competitors sell their cups for £20 and up. We price ours at £8.99. We are not in this business to make a huge profit, we simply want to provide people with affordable, reusable period products. We support Action Aid UK and make regular donations to them to help end global period poverty. The rest of our profits are put back into the business so we can expand our product line and provide more people with affordable products. We are excited about what the future holds and we will be looking to grow in stock variety soon. 


Why doesn't your website say women or girls? It only says people.

We are an inclusive company and a lot of period companies do not take into consideration that some people who have periods don't identify as a woman/female. We want everyone to feel seen and heard by us so we have done everything we can to avoid using gender specific pronouns. If you spot a mistake on our site, where we may have missed this, please do get in touch, we want to do right by everyone and we will gladly amend this.


Can I use a menstrual cup if I am a virgin or a young teenager?

Absolutely. Just like you can use a tampon, you can also use a menstrual cup. We recommend size small because this will feel more comfortable for you, even if your flow is heavier. 


Will wearing a cup stretch my vagina?

Not at all. Our vaginas are incredibly resilient, strong and elastic. Our cups are flexible silicone so will mould to your shape. Wearing one will not make you stretch inside. Don't worry. 


What will my first period be like?

We have written an extensive blog about first periods that hopefully answer all questions you may have about your first one. You can check it out here.




If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via No question is a silly question. We want you to feel confident with your cup.