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Please read before using your cup. 

Rinse with cold water

Wash with warm water and hand soap

Sterilise by placing in boiling water for 5 minutes

Cool before inserting into the vagina



    Fold the cup (Tulip or C - fold)

    Lubricate with water before inserting

    Squat down or lift a leg onto the toilet seat to make it easier to insert

    Relax as much as possible

    Keeping folded, place inside the vagina, pushing it far enough up that it feels natural and secure (about the same distance as a tampon)


      The cup should feel comfortable, and natural, if this isn't the case, you may need to reinsert or move the cup further inside

      (the stem should be inside your vagina, but also reachable when you insert your finger)

      Only use water based lubricants on your cup. DO NOT use silicone or oil based lubricants



      Create the seal to keep your cup secure throughout the day

      Place one or two fingers inside and feel the base of the cup; the base should feel circular

      If it doesn't feel circular, pinch the base and rotate back and forth until it feels circular

      Slightly tug on the stem of the cup, to secure it

      When there is resistance, a seal is formed and the cup is secure

      For first time users, inserting and creating a seal might take a few attempts, however, after a few cycles, it will become second nature. We promise!

      Once a seal is formed properly, the cup will stay put and you are protected. Meaning you can go about your normal day without thinking about it; this includes sports, swimming and sleeping!



      Try to remove over a toilet or in a sterile area, i.e. in the shower (we recommend this for first time users)

      Locate the cup (place fingers inside and find the stem - you can also tense the Kegel muscles to push the cup towards the entrance of the vagina)

      Follow the stem up to the base of the cup

      Squeezing the base of the cup, to break the seal

      Keeping your fingers around the base, pull the cup out. (This may feel a bit unusual for first time users, and a good pull might be needed)

      Rinse with cold water

      Wash with warm soapy water



        After each period, re-sterilise in boiling water for 5 minutes.
        Store in the bag provided.



        Our menstrual cups are safe to use for 12 hour periods and you can sleep with them in. Our flows differ so the time it takes to fill your cup might be less than this. When first using your cup, it is good to regularly check it so you know when to empty your cup in the future. We recommend checking in 3 hour intervals. 

        After the first 3 hours, if the cup is:

        1/4 Full = Leave for another 3 hours before checking again
        1/2 Full = Check again in 1 hour
        3/4 Full = This is the best time to empty
               Full = Empty an hour before next time
        Wash and re-insert after checking

            Flow varies throughout the period, so make a note of when to empty for each day of your period to avoid overflow. 



            Sterilise as frequently as possible i.e. if possible, every evening of your period, but at a minimum at the beginning and end of each period.

            Having two cups is always handy. 

            It is safe to empty the cup, dry wipe with toilet roll and reinsert if you can't immediately clean BUT wash and sterilise your cup as soon as possible.


              Deep clean every few months:

              Soak overnight in lemon juice or white vinegar

              Using an old toothbrush, scrub with a baking soda and water paste

               Sterilise for 5 minutes after cleaning

              Tulip fold                                                C-fold


              A little note from us:
              There is no shame when it comes to periods and using a menstrual cup allows you to break any personal shame and stigma you may have about your own period as well as become more comfortable with yourself and truly understand your body. 

              Of course, if you have any questions about using your cup safely, please feel free to email us at